The Creative Services staff offers a wide range of design and production services to help present your program or department in the best possible light. For more information, contact your account executive at 757.446.7070.


We can assist in the development and design of collateral material, displays, signage, etc., that meets the EVMS brand standards.

EVMS Marketing and Communications uses a web-based system, Function Point, for tracking project requests from various campus offices, departments and programs we serve.

Function Point allows you to start new jobs and keep track of them during the production process. The Function Point portal, you can submit job requests, communicate with a representative from Marketing and Communications about your and track the status of your job.

Credentials for logging into the Function Point client portal must be up for each individual. If you need access to the portal, contact a representative from Marketing and Communications or email with your full name and department.

Function Point request should be completed and submitted to your account executive. Please use this form, as it allows us to gather all necessary information and deadlines for your project in order to expedite production.


We can print limited-run items in-house at a significant cost savings to your department; or, we can coordinate printing of more complex projects with outside vendors. While you are responsible for any printing or mailing costs your project might incur, there is no charge for our design and project management services.


We offer limited photography services as staff scheduling allows. If we aren't able to provide those services, we can assist in finding a freelance photographer. New headshots are taken 2-4 p.m. every Thursday in Waitzer Hall, suite 1050. For photography requests, contact your account executive or