We envision a vibrant, diverse community where faculty members at all stages have optimal capability to reach their career goals and contribute meaningfully to the EVMS mission.


Our mission embraces the following activities:

  • Establish and sustain a culture that promotes faculty vitality and diversity
  • Develop and implement activities and policies that ensure effective and successful recruitment, appointment, retention and career advancement of faculty members
  • Retain, educate and support visionary, innovative leaders who are capable of promoting the institution's mission and capitalizing on emerging challenges
  • Implement learning experiences that enable faculty to be successful as educators, investigators and healthcare professionals
  • Expand participation in national and international groups that assist or promote faculty affairs, leadership and professional development

Strategic priorities

  • Develop targeted professional development events and programs
    • These will be informed through a series of annual needs assessments. Specific activities include:
      • An Academy of Educators
      • A fellowship program in teaching and educational leadership
      • Coaching for junior faculty
  • Foster a collegial culture grounded in diversity, inclusion and engagement through deliberate actions in recruitment and retention
  • Ensure that important faculty practices, policies and other related matters are as transparent as possible
  • Contribute to the development of a comprehensive institutional wellness program