Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate shall be established at EVMS to represent the Faculty in specified areas of its responsibilities and concerns in order to:

A. Initiate, develop, and participate in the formulation of academic or educational policies of the school and make recommendations to the Provost or Dean.

B. Consider such policies, programs, and other matters as the Dean, the President, the administration, the Council of Chairs, EVMS Medical Group, various student organizations, or individual members of the Faculty may purpose.

C. Review faculty grievances (per grievance policy), proposed changes in faculty related policies and to the Faculty Handbook.

D. Help create, maintain, and protect an environment conducive to the growth of scholarship, creativity, learning, teaching, research, clinical excellence, service and respect for human rights and dignity.

E. Accept and share responsibilities with the administration and students in order to improve the stature and effectiveness of the School.

Faculty Senate Meetings:

The Faculty Senate will meet monthly, usually on the third Monday of each month; the alternate date is the fourth Wednesday or the fourth Monday. Exceptional meetings may be convened; they will be called by the President, when appropriate, upon the recommendation of a Senator or other Faculty member if determined appropriate by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.

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General Faculty Meetings

EVMS Faculty Affairs and Professional Development holds two general faculty meetings per year. Faculty Senate reports are presented at these meetings. 

Faculty Affairs Related Policies

**These are some of the most common policies related to faculty.
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