An act or condition posing the threat of harm to the Eastern Virginia Medical School community is considered a hazardous risk. Emergency Management focuses on the identification of potential hazards, vulnerabilities and resources in the EVMS community. This provides the foundation for additional planning as outlined in the Emergency Operations Plan.

Active Threat

An active threat incident involves an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. In most cases there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims which makes this situation of an active shooter incident unpredictable. Therefore we must be prepared to protect ourselves until Law Enforcement Officers arrive to the scene. Learn more about how at FEMA Training Active Shooter.

Bomb Threat

At EVMS bomb threats are to always be taken seriously. They can be made by phone, email, in a letter or a person stating the threat to another individual. Often they are said to be in a building, a vehicle or in someone's property. These threats are designed to disrupt the workforce, institute a sense of fear or test the reactions of an institution to a bomb threat.

Hazardous Materials

When a spill or release of hazardous materials occurs, the proper materials and methods need to be used to contain any remaining materials while isolating the hazardous area without injuring yourself or others.

Do not attempt to clean up a spill or release unless you are fully trained and have the proper equipment. Once you are in a safe area, call 757.446.5911.

Try to have the following information about the spill or leak:

  • Name of material
  • Quantity of material released
  • Time of the incident
  • Location of the incident
  • If anyone was injured by, or exposed to, the material
  • If a fire or explosion was involved
  • Your name, number and current location

When the fire and safety officials arrive and follow their instructions:

  • Evacuate the area and remain in designated spaces until the situation is determined to be safe.
  • Provide Materials Safety Data Sheets to responders

If the hazardous material spill or release happens outside:

  • Evacuate the area if it is necessary
  • Always stay upwind of the material spill or release

Suspicious Packages

Letters and packages of various shapes and sizes can be made into lethal weapons using hazardous biological, chemical, energetic or incendiary materials.

Do not move or open any suspicious package.

To learn more view the Suspicious Package Response Guide.


A structural or building fire is an uncontrolled fire in a structure located in a populated area that threatens life and property. All fires are dangerous an pose a threat to persons and property which exceed existing response, containment or evacuation capabilities are the most threatening to the EVMS Community. These incidents require response and intervention by the local fire department. For more information on fire prevention and tips visit EVMS' Fire and Safety.

Bio Hazards

Biological hazards are potentially dangerous materials that include biological and infectious organisms, hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials. In the event of a spill or loss of control of materials immediately contain as much as possible. If there is fire or injury, please dial 911 or reach EVMS Police and Public Safety at 757.446.5911 and inform them of the situation

Civil Unrest

This includes riots, disruptive demonstrations or other non-peaceful assemblies. If you suspect that a civil unrest may occur, call the EVMS Police and Public Safety Department non-emergency line at 757.446.5199.

If you witness a civil unrest:

  • Call 911 and give the operator the exact location and details about the disturbance
  • Avoid becoming involved or otherwise inciting the disturbance by your actions
  • Log off computers and secure all sensitive information if the disturbance is in your work area
  • Stay away from any windows or glass doors between you and the disturbance