Laboratory Animal Science

Much of modern day medicine is indebted to irreplaceable animal research. With the need for technically sophisticated, humane and well-considered use of animals in biomedical research, the demand for qualified individuals in the field of laboratory animal science is very high, especially in universities, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies.  In order to advance within this highly competitive industry, it is essential to have the training advantage that a specialized master's degree provides. Therefore, Eastern Virginia Medical School has launched this new online Master's of Laboratory Animal Science Program.

Click here to download a LAS Masters Brochure.



"VZ Application Portal for the Class of 2019 is open and accepting applications. The Early application Due Date is February 28, 2017"

Eligible international applications intended for ICLAS scholarship program will be reviewed for a facilitated conditional decision in November. Please inform LAS Program Director Dr. Alireza Hosseini, MD at HosseiA@EVMS.EDU in advance regarding your intention for ICLAS scholarship application intentions, or if more information is needed.



“This website reflects current program information, including admissions criteria and curricula.  Information is subject to change.”