New rural-medicine electives give students a first-hand look at a small-town career

This wasn't the journey she envisioned.

She didn't anticipate becoming Franklin's only obstetrician, who by now has delivered many of the students at the town's only elementary school.

Rural Realities: The need for a new crop of rural health professionals infographic

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Virginia's top scientist

Jerry Nadler, MD, an internationally known physician/scientist who is making potentially game-changing advances in diabetes research, has been named Outstanding Scientist in Virginia for 2016.

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Jerry Nadler, MD

At EVMS, young and old teach tomorrow's health professionals

EVMS is an internationally recognized leader in the use of standardized patients — highly specialized actors trained to mimic conditions or react to examinations in particular ways to provide better learning opportunities.

Promising results for treating and curing PTSD

Researchers with EVMS Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences have cureed vetrans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using therapeutic brain stimulation in a research study.

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Guam flag MPH alumna helps bring health care to remote island paradise

Not many people could pinpoint the island of Guam on a map. Fewer would volunteer to pick up their entire life and move there.Read more

Nathan Newman, MD, receiving award IN THE SPOTLIGHT:

Nathan Newman, MD (MD '82)

When it comes to stepping into the national spotlight, Nathan Newman, MD (MD '82), is a natural. He has held national roles in Administrative Medicine and has been a member of the American Medical Association's (AMA) House of Delegates since 2011.Read more

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Laine Kock, MD
Seth McAfee, MD
Ankur Patel, MD

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Middleton scholar is dedicated to paying it forward

"It's more than a grant of financial aid — it's a legacy of paying it forward because I, too, one day want to give back to the community and help others fulfill their dreams."

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"Miracle baby" made possible with help from EVMS experts

At 42, Portia Harrell was never supposed to be pregnant again. She had already survived stage III breast cancer and a miscarrage two years before.

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