Identical twins, identical jobs

Monique Gillman, MD, and  Nicole Gillman, MD Monique Gillman, MD, and Nicole Gillman, MD

If you choose to give birth at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, you're likely to encounter Dr. Gillman. That's Monique. Or is it Nicole? The identical twins hold identical jobs. As hospitalists with EVMS Medical Group, they manage the labor and delivery process and bring new lives into the world — as many as 10 in a single day. Since they work alternating days, there is almost always a Dr. Gillman on the floor leading a team of health-care providers. "Some days are slow. Some days it's crazy," Dr. Nicole Gillman says. "We couldn't function without the residents or the nurses." How can you tell them apart? Nicole has longer hair. The careful observer also will notice that, unlike her sister, Monique is left-handed.