Richard V. Homan, MD

Death, regrettably, is an integral component of the cycle of life. Although those of us in the medical and health professions do all we can to mitigate suffering, improve quality of life and responsibly prolong it through our professional care, we all must bow to the inevitable. This is a sad time for Eastern Virginia Medical School as we mourn the deaths of three beloved men who served EVMS with distinction and integrity.

In June, we lost Edward Brickell, EdD, President Emeritus of EVMS and President from 1988 to 2000. Under Dr. Brickell's leadership, the medical school saw an increase in enrollment and enhancements in infrastructure and services. Read more about his impact.

During June we also lost Anibal Acosta, MD, Professor Emeritus, an early member of the EVMS Obstetrics and Gynecology faculty. Dr. Acosta played a key role in EVMS' early in vitro fertilization efforts as an expert in male infertility — a rarity at the time. Read more about his life.

And in July, we lost Howard Jones Jr., MD, co-founder of the EVMS Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. A brilliant scientist and clinician, Dr. Jones was responsible — along with his late wife, Georgeanna Jones, MD — for the first in vitro fertilization baby born in the United States. Read more about Dr. Jones' long life and remarkable legacy.

Our thanks go out to the families of Drs. Brickell, Acosta and Jones for sharing these men with EVMS as they each endeavored to better the health of Hampton Roads. We also offer our condolences to their families in this time of loss.

We appreciate your support of EVMS. Thank you for mourning with us in times like these and for celebrating with us as we make medical breakthroughs and continue to train accomplished medical and health-professions students.


Richard V. Homan, MD