Lt. Wisdom Henyo of the U.S. Navy has a big job. 

A Medical Service Corp Officer stationed at Virginia’s Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Lt. Henyo is Assistant Deputy Director for Administration responsible for nine departments: Operations and Emergency Management, Dining and Nutrition Services, Logistics, Safety, Security, Information Management Information Technology, Patient Administration, and Facilities. He oversees an $85 million budget and leads a staff of 720 civilians, contractors and military personnel. 

He’s certainly well qualified: He holds two master’s degrees — one in Health Care Management and the other in Defense and Strategic Studies Homeland Security/Homeland Defense. He’s also the father of two sets of twins. 

Oh, and in his spare time, he’s working on his Doctor of Health Sciences degree at EVMS. 

Lt. Henyo can manage all of that thanks to the flexibility offered by EVMS Online. “My children love that I am able to spend time with them,” he says, “while I am still able to do school work.” 

The first thing that attracted him to EVMS’ DHSc program, he says, is the course structure. “It is streamlined and defined, and all the student has to do is follow the curriculum.” 

EVMS’ community focus and its faculty were additional benefits, he says. 

“I appreciate how EVMS readily impacts its surrounding communities in Hampton Roads. Also, in reading the profiles of the faculty, I saw that some of them had gone through this same curriculum, so it gave me hope that it was doable and feasible.” 

Once he earns the degree, Lt. Henyo hopes to either teach after his naval career or work in global health in the private sector. Considering how much he’s juggling now, he just might be able to do both. 

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