group photo for ent residents

ENT physicians shine at state meeting

EVMS Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons recently took center stage at the Virginia Society of Otolaryngology Meeting in Alexandria.

More than a dozen physicians participated in panel discussions, presentations and the Academic Bowl, where EVMS took home the second-place prize.

A full list of participants is below.


Efficacy of Empiric Antimicrobial

Moderator: Ashley Schroeder, MD | EVMS


Prophylaxis After FESS

Harrison Bartels, MD; Spencer Payne, MD University of Virginia School of Medicine


Equity in Medicaid Reimbursement for Otolaryngologists

Daniel H. Coelho, MD; Joseph H. Conduff , MD VCU School of Medicine


Head & Neck Melanoma

Moderator: Jonathan Mark, MD | EVMS

Panelists: Christopher Kandl, MD | VCU Katherine Fedder, MD | UVA

Bert O’Malley, Jr., MD | Penn Medicine


Innovative Technologies for Difficult ENT Conditions

Moderator: Kent Lam, MD | EVMS

Panelists: Timothy Egan, MD | Fairfax ENT Iyad Saidi, MD, PhD | Metropolitan ENT Wayne Shaia, MD | The Balance and Ear Center


Predictive Value of Clinical Presentation and Radiographic Studies for Surgical Intervention in Pediatric Neck Masses

James Coxe, MS; Christopher Perdoni, MD; Travis Reeves, MD

Eastern Virginia Medical School


Laryngeal Mask Airway in Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy

Mike Kenerson, MD; Cameron Brawley, MD;  Blake Kimbrell, MD; Cristina Baldassari, MD; *Matthew Lelegren, MD

Eastern Virginia Medical School


Cochlear Implants 2019: Expanding Criteria and Improving Outcomes

Moderator: Daniel Coelho, MD | VCU 

Panelists: George Hashisaki, MD | UVA Michael Hoa, MD | Georgetown Stephanie Moody, MD | EVMS Caroline Schlocker, MD | NMCP


Pediatric Otolaryngology: What do General Otolaryngologists Want to Know?

Moderator: Raj Petersson, MD | VCU

Panelists: Nancy Bauman, MD | Children’s National William Brand, MD | UVA Kelley Dodson, MD | VCU Thomas Gallagher, DO | EVMS


The Opportunity Cost of Central-Laboratory vs. Point-of-Care Intra-Operative PTH Assay during Parathyroidectomy

Aliasgher M. Khaku, MD, MBA; Matthew Bak, MD Eastern Virginia Medical School


Pituitary Masses: Correlation of Tumor Proliferation Markers with Radiographic Appearance and Clinical Outcomes

Robert M. Liebman, MD;  Andrew Heff ernan,  MD; James W. Reese, MD; Joshua F. Edwards,  MPH; Kent K. Lam, MD; Joseph K. Han, MD,  Eastern Virginia Medical School


Challenging Cases in Rhinology

Moderator: Jose Mattos, MD, MPH | UVA

Panelists: Kent Lam, MD | EVMS Douglas Reh, MD, FARS | GBMC Theodore Schuman, MD | VCU