A red and purple illustration showing the profile of a human head with soundwaves around it.

World Hearing Day, observed across the globe annually on March 3rd, was created by the World Health Organization to raise awareness and encourage people to seek services. This year’s campaign focuses on changing mindsets about hearing loss, improving access and reducing costs. 

According to the WHO, over 80% of global ear and hearing care needs are unmet. These unaddressed issues pose an annual cost of nearly $1 trillion related to health care, educational support, loss of productivity and societal costs.

One of the best things for patients is early screening and detection, says Nathan Michalak AuD, CCC-A, Director of EVMS Audiology. “It allows us to create a rehabilitation plan that will hopefully provide a better quality of life.”

There are simple ways to care for your ears and hearing. Don’t use cotton swabs in your ear canal, see a health professional for ear pain and use earmuffs or earplugs when you are around loud noises. Finally, invest in hearing aids for better hearing and a better life.

“Hearing loss can happen at any age to anyone and may be preventable” says Michalak. “It can be a barrier to fully engaging in the community, but everyone can help by learning how to become more hearing loss friendly.”

There are a few ways you can be more helpful to those with hearing loss:

  • Find good lighting and face the person so they can easily watch you speak.
  • Speak clearly and slowly. Don't shout.
  • Do not exaggerate lip movements when speaking.
  • Speak one at a time.
  • Reduce background noise or move to a quieter setting.
  • Avoid saying "I'll tell you later."
  • Include them in all activities.

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