Eric Zwemer

The Fine Family Academy of Educators’ Sixth Annual Educational Scholarship Day will take place on Friday, April 26, in Waitzer Hall, Room 100.

The event is open to all EVMS and ODU health sciences faculty, educators, staff and students (including those in distance education programs).

The in-person keynote speaker for this year’s event is Eric Zwemer, MD, President of the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine Academy of Educators (pictured above). Dr. Zwemer will present “Highlighting the Cracks in our Pedestals: The Power of Vulnerability in Biomedical Education.”

The event will feature oral and poster presentations in various themes, such as mentorship, educational leadership, best practice guidelines, educational research development, course design, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative teaching methods, curriculum projects and instructional/assessment materials. The day will conclude with an awards presentation and a Fine Family Academy of Educators’ meet and greet with the keynote speaker.

The Fine Family Academy of Educators exists to facilitate, recognize and reward educators’ educational excellence and scholarly engagement through advocacy, professional development and recognition and award opportunities. Its core values are collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, excellence and service.

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