Checkered Flag 2020

How can I make a difference? 

That’s a question being asked by many during the COVID-19 pandemic. Steven M. Snyder, President of the Checkered Flag Motor Car Company, found a meaningful way to answer it. 

For the fourth year in a row, Checkered Flag partnered with EVMS in March for the Checkered Flag Challenge, pledging to match all donations during the challenge — up to $25,000. The pandemic, Mr. Snyder says, provided even more reason to fulfill such a pledge. 

“With the rapid onset of COVID-19, there has never been a more appropriate time to contribute to EVMS,” he says. “Our community needs a greater number of health professionals. The investment in infrastructure, such as Waitzer Hall, and other improvements around campus will make a significant difference. It is very worthy of our support.” 

Checkered Flag is Hampton Roads-based auto group founded in 1964. The family-run business has had a long relationship with EVMS. Mr. Snyder serves on the EVMS Foundation Board of Trustees, and multiple generations of his family have supported EVMS for nearly 50 years. 

But even though the Checkered Flag Challenge is over, you, too, can still make a difference. 

EVMS — now focused on sustaining day-to-day patient care and protecting Hampton Roads amid the current healthcare crisis — needs your help. EVMS must invest in supporting our vital workforce, procuring supplies for our clinics, providing telemedicine to our patients, and meeting the needs of our students as they shift to a virtual learning environment. 

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