child at dresser

June is National Safety Month and despite much progress, unintentional injury accounts for 40% of the child deaths in the United States.

No family should have to experience the heartache of losing a child to an injury that could have been prevented.

“Many people are surprised to learn that unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for children,” says Kelli England, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and nationally known child-safety researcher in EVMS Pediatrics’ Community Health and Research division. “Injuries related to car crashes, drowning, and poisoning top the list.”

Families can keep their children safe by following safety recommendations for avoiding hazards in the home, around water, and on the road.

Get started with one or more of the actions below from Prevent Child Injury:

At Home

  • Look for hazards in your home using an app or checklist
  • Share safety information on social media
  • Submit an article on safety to an organization’s newsletter or blog
  • Ask questions about home safety when taking your children to visit family and friends

In Your Community

Test your knowledge on the facts of child safety with an online quiz from Prevent Child Injury. 

Learn more about injury safety programs here in Hampton Roads and across the country.