Donor Memorial Service

Students, faculty and staff recently honored the generosity of those who committed their mortal remains to medical education at EVMS.

The remembrance was part of the EVMS Pathology and Anatomy's annual Donor Memorial Service. 

Student organizers said the service was very important to them. "The donors were our first teachers in medicine," says Allison Chirigos, MD Class of 2019. "As we enter clinical practice, we will carry the lessons we have learned about the human body and spirit forward into our careers." Phillip Connell, MD Class of 2020, agrees, "We have a heightened sense of duty and gratitude because of the privilege given to us by these individuals."

The students presented each donor family a a pouch of Forget-Me-Not seeds and a planting pot. They said the flowers have long been a symbol of the power of love, and as they grow and bloom they hoped that they may serve as a grateful reminder for the many ways in which our donors have touched their lives.

In addition to the donor families, a living donor addressed the crowd. Mr. Russ Clark is planning to donate his body to medical science and spent the past few months working with the students. He was very appreciative of the opportunity and said he greatly valued the experience.