Shark Tank 2018

Conversations between patients and physicians are the key to quality care. That’s why EVMS will host Choosing Wisely: Innovations and Ideas Day Monday, Jan. 27.

The Choosing Wisely campaign aims to empower patients to ask questions about their care and to encourage physicians to consider all of the data before ordering unnecessary tests.

EVMS invites both students and residents participating in value-based research or quality improvement projects to showcase their work at the first annual Choosing Wisely Innovations and Ideas Poster Session. If presenting a literature review poster, please base the topic on Choosing Wisely Clinical Lists.

If you have ideas on ways to reduce cost of care and decrease wasteful spending in patient-care settings, pitch your ideas in a Shark Tank-style competition for the chance to win funding for that project. 

To apply for either opportunity, submit presentation title and summary of your topic to

Reach out to Lauren Keenan or Sudarshan Mohan with any questions.

Submissions are due by Friday, Jan. 10.