Cartoon conversation bubbles with services listed that EVMS Instructional Design and Technologies team offer

Did you know the EVMS Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) team provides training on-demand, virtually, or face-to-face for groups, and one-on-one coaching when needed? 

IDT is a multi-faceted department that supports the instructional, technical and pedagogical needs of faculty and staff, says Brielle Ashley, Director of Instructional Design and Technology.  

“Our staff collaborate to work on projects such as interactive media production, course design, program review and innovative instructional technologies,” she explains. “We also provide training and support in areas of need, such as emerging pedagogical trends, new technology and instructional design.”  

Here are five reasons members of the EVMS community should consider reaching out to the IDT team: 

  1. Consultation and coaching: IDT acts as an internal think tank by offering expert advice and communities of practice in areas such as educational technology, teaching, learning and evaluation. The team can provide one-on-one coaching or team-level support.  
  1. Design and development: IDT provides instructional design and media development services in a collegial environment to encourage academic integrity and excellence. 
  1. Instructional technology: The IDT team can help energize student engagement and success with the meaningful, intentional use of rich media and innovative technology. 
  1. Media and production: IDT offers high-quality audio and video solutions to provide stakeholders with rich media that is produced with excellence, collegiality and integrity.  
  1. Applied research: IDT team members remain effective by joining in the scholarship of teaching and learning, an insightful and collaborative practice of fostering inquiry to stimulate innovation.  


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