students side by side

This week, EVMS proudly welcomes 120 new residents and 25 fellows as they begin the next phase of their medical education. This group of dedicated individuals represents a diverse range of talents and backgrounds, ready to embark on a journey that will shape them into the competent, compassionate physicians of tomorrow.

They will spend this week in orientation learning more about their programs and formally begin their training on July 1. "It’s always a special time in the profession of medicine — it is the start of a new academic year, and for many, the start of their journey (ranging from three to seven years) to become trained, competent and compassionate physicians,” says Frank Counselman, MD (MD '83, Emergency Medicine Residency '86), Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education. “This year is particularly notable because we start as a new academic institution — the Macon & Joan Brock Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University.”

A Diverse and Talented Group

This year’s cohort includes residents and fellows who will train across 30 different specialty areas, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our institution. Notably, the community is enriched by 36 International Medical Graduates, who contribute valuable global perspectives and experiences to the learning environment.

A Bright Future Ahead

The start of this new academic year at Macon & Joan Brock Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University marks an exciting chapter for EVMS.

“We extend a warm welcome to our new trainees and their families and we look forward to the many contributions they will make to our community and the field of medicine,” Dr. Counselman says. “Together, we will continue to advance the mission of EVMS and uphold the highest standards of medical education and patient care.”