The Department of Defense has tapped an EVMS expert in epilepsy to join the peer review panel for its Epilepsy Research Program (ERP).

Alberto Musto, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Anatomy, was chosen for his expertise in neuorophysiology, neuroradiology, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic epilepsy. The ERP is a federal funded research program that brings benefits to civilians, military employees and veterans who suffer from epilepsy and its comorbidities.

The ERP was initiated in FY15 to develop an understanding of the magnitude of post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE) within the military and to expand research into the basic mechanisms by which traumatic brain injury (TBI) produces PTE. The overarching goal is to learn more about the causative links between TBI and epilepsy leading to prevention and/or successful treatment of PTE.

Dr. Musto is active in epilepsy research.

For instance, in October, he was an invited guest and plenary speaker at the Congress of Neurology in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He attended the recent American Epilepsy Society meeting in New Orleans where he and a group of students (pictured above) presented a poster on their work. In addition to Dr. Musto, co-authors were Research Assistant Andrew Ojeda and medical students Taylor Anderson, John Benfield, Gordana Rasic and Amna Rana. Their poster was selected as one to the top for the session of diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Musto and medical students April Rutherford and Daniel Malek co-authored “Addressing Cultural Barriers to Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy in Hispanic Communities” for JAMA Neurology, a leading international, peer-reviewed journal for physicians caring for people with neurologic disorders and those interested in the structure and function of the normal and diseased nervous system.