Emergency Procedures

Natural Disaster

While natural disasters cannot always be predicted, there are steps you can take to prepare for an approaching storm. Use the links to help you know what to do for both your laboratory and your home in an emergency.


Emergency Freezers

EVMS Environmental Health and Safety has -80°C surge freezer space available, for use in an emergency or when defrosting a -80°C freezer. Contact EH&S for access: 

  • During normal business hours, contact EH&S:
  • Outside of regular business hours, call the EH&S Freezer Pager at: 757-415-0014.
    • When you hear the beep, enter your contact phone number followed by #. Then you may hang up.
    • EH&S will return your page in order to coordinate opening the Emergency Freezer(s).
    • If you decide to arrive on-campus, contact EVMS Police and Public Safety at 757-446-5199, so they can assist with your parking and access needs.