Grant proposals submitted to the NIH that are $250,000 or less can be submitted as modular grant. Modular grants are proposed in increments of $25,000. The NIH does not require detailed budgets to be submitted with a modular grant proposal but does require a written explanation of effort in the budget justification section of the proposal.

In order to more efficiently process modular grant proposals, detailed budgets will not be required by Sponsored Programs when a modular grant proposal is submitted to NIH. In lieu of a detailed budget, the Principal Investigator must submit the NIH Modular Grant Budgets form to OSP prior to the proposal submission which includes identifying:

  • Total Direct Costs
  • Expected equipment purchases
  • Subcontract Expenses

By submitting the form, the Principal Investigator and department are agreeing that:

  1. The amount of direct costs proposed is appropriate for the proposed work to be performed and is not in excess of needs.
  2. The Principal Investigator is prepared and held accountable to respond if questioned by NIH or external auditor.
  3. If proposed salaries are over the NIH salary cap the department will cover the required cost share.
  4. A detailed budget will be prepared if/when awarded.

Department Chairman can override this procedure and require his/her department to submit a detailed budget for all grant proposals.