7th Annual Virginia Regional Herpesvirus Symposium – VRHS 2016


Welcome to the official website for the seventh annual 


Virginia Regional Herpesvirus Symposium


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the VRHS 2016.

This year, the Virginia Regional Herpesvirus Symposium will again be held on the campus of Eastern Virginia Medical School on Saturday March 19, and our keynote speaker is Dirk Dittmer, PhD. As has been the case since we started, the registration fee is $50 ($60 on site), and this covers a light breakfast, snacks and a reception at the end of the day (participants are responsible for their own lunch as always).

The Symposium will be held in Lester Hall in a casual environment designed to foster close discussions and a relaxed atmosphere. As is tradition, we will organize a golf outing on Sunday the 20th (players can expect a greens fee of ~$40).


Saturday March 19, 2106.

The Symposium starts at 9:00 am and runs until 5:00 pm.  A reception will follow.



EVMS Campus, Norfolk, VA- Lewis Hall, Roper Lecture Hall (room #1033).

Norfolk can be reached from most of the state by car in less than 4-5 hours. Detailed directions to the EVMS campus and maps can be found here.


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Dirk Dittmer.  Professor, 


Title: How do exosomes interact with KHSV?

Featured presentation by Aurora Kerscher, PhD: How miRs hitch a ride in exosomes 



The registration fee of $50 ($60 on site) covers a light breakfast, snacks and a reception at the end of the day (participants are responsible for their own lunch as always).  EVMS will pay for all EVMS PhD, MS, MD, MPA and MSA students that want to attend, so there is no cost for this excellent opportunity to mingle with some of the most accomplished virus researchers in the U.S

VRHS Registration 2016


For emailed registrations, a confirmation of registration and a receipt will be sent once a payment has been received - if you intend to pay by check at the meeting, please get pre-approval from the organizers and understand that there is an addition $10 processing fee (making your cost $60).


Abstracts and Presentations

We accept the same abstract topics as IHW and CMV/Betaherpesvirus meetings, and we will assemble the Program based on this year’s submissions.  These categories are:

1.            Glycoproteins, Entry, Transport
2.            Genome Structure, Replication, Nuclear Interactions
3.            Lytic Gene Expression: Viral, Host, Chromatin
4.            Virion Structure, Assembly, and Egress
5.            Virus Cell Interactions
6.            Immunology
7.            Latency and Reactivation
8.            Pathogenesis
9.            Intervention, Treatment, Prevention
10.          Write-in Candidate (e.g. “My Cool Project”)

Abstract submissions must be in PDF format and sent directly to Julie Kerry or Patric Lundberg by 5pm on March 1. All abstracts are limited to one page (1-in left margins) and may include figures and/or tables (abstracts in the format of IHW are acceptable).

This year, attendees may also select to present a poster of their work. Abstracts for posters will be printed in the Program book.  If you wish to present a poster, please select the appropriate section of the registration form. 

PLAN AHEAD!  We encourage graduate students and post-docs to submit a talk or poster abstract as soon as possible since we only have available 8-10 slots for oral presentations.


Information for Vendors/Sponsors

Vendor cost is unchanged for this sixth year ($250) and the Sponsor level remains at $500.

Vendors/Exhibitors Registration form: Coming soon

Fill out the appropriate form and either snail mail, fax (757-624-2255) or e-mail it to the Organizers, Julie or Patric

To acknowledge each Vendor, and to facilitate future collaborations, all companies/groups that have a booth the Symposium are asked to send a PDF with the following information to the Organizers:

  1. Representative's name, title, Company Name, phone number, email address & web page.
  2. General Company/Group description.
  3. A list of collaboration interests (if applicable).

This information will be included at the back of the Symposium Booklet.



Registrants will be responsible for making their own room reservations.

There are 6 hotels (~$75-150/night) in downtown Norfolk that can be reached by the Tide Light Rail in a matter of minutes, in addition to the Page House B&B (~$180/night) which is within walking distance of the EVMS campus. Downtown Norfolk hotels include:

It should take about 20 minutes to reach the EVMS campus via the light rail, and 5 minutes by car.


Golf outing and souvenir information

As is tradition, we will organize a golf outing on Sunday the 20th (players can expect a greens fee of ~$40). We will make reservations for a couple of groups, with tee times starting around 10am, so please reserve your spot as soon as you can. If you are interested in participating e-mail Patric.

If you are interested in ordering a souvenir from the meeting in advance, contact Patric for an external link where a number of items with the vhrs2016 logo affixed are available.  If you pre-order at least a week in advance, the item will be given to you upon check-in.


Important Dates

Tuesday, January 18- Registration ($50/person) and Abstract Submission Open
Tuesday, March 1- Abstract Submission Deadline
Week of March 7- Selection for Abstract and Presentation Notification


We acknowledge sponsorship from:

The EVMS Office of Research

The EVMS Department of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology


With anticipation of your attendance, the Organizers:

 Julie Kerry, Ph.D. and  Patric Lundberg, Ph.D.