EVMS faculty interested in recruiting student researchers should provide the below info via email to metro@evms.edu.

  1. Project Title
  2. Research Areas (e.g., emergency medicine, neuroscience, etc…)
  3. Brief project description (a very succinct paragraph)
  4. Number of students needed
  5. Prior experiences expected of students (none required or be specific)
  6. Estimated time commitment (hours per week)
  7. Virtual or onsite for student participation (choose one or state both may be required)
  8. Students who are interested should contact (provide names, emails and department/unit affiliations)



All research requests to collaborate with Sentara or to utilize Sentara resources, including sites of care, data, patients or procedures, must submit a request through the Sentara Research Request Portal.


The answer is NO. Students may be granted Sentara EPIC access for clinical education as part of the medical school curriculum. However, this privilege can’t be used for research.

Say you plan to work on an IRB approval research project and this project requires that you access Sentara’s EPIC data system, you (the student) need to do the following 2 steps:

Step 1: Students must visit https://nala.evms.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=NN38WTFLK4KMYNHW to fill out and submit the EVMS Data Request Intake Form.

Step 2:  Enter your research project into Sentara’s Research Request Portal: www.sentara.com/Researchrequest. This is how Sentara becomes aware of your research project. This means that you MUST would upload the IRB-approved project documents (the data collection tool, IRB application and protocol, the IRB approval letter, and other files used to secure the IRB approval). You need to get these files from the PI of the IRB-approved project.

Step 3: You need to prepare these two documents for Sentara.

  • Data Privacy Attestation Statement (email metro@evms.edu to request this file)
  • Training record of the this specific Citi Training Course - Information Privacy Security for Researchers.

Please sign/date the attached “Data Security Requirement form” and email a scan to ResearchData@sentara.com (referencing your research project uploaded into Sentara’s Research Request Portal: www.sentara.com/Researchrequest).

How to take the Citi training course - Information Privacy Security for Researchers

This course has 4 modules:

  • Basics of Health Privacy (ID 1417)
  • Health Privacy Issues for Researchers (ID 1419)
  • Basics of Information Security, Part 1 (ID 1423)
  • Basics of Information Security, Part 2 (ID 1424)

1) Create a Citi training account

If you do not have a Citi account, please register at citiprogram.org

During registration, set your Organization Affiliation to Eastern Virginia Medical School.

2) Once registered, go to the “view courses” list for Eastern Virginia Medical School

3) Toward the bottom, click on “add a course”

You have to answer a few questions to narrow down a number of relevant courses for you to take. Eventually, you should see the course - Information Privacy Security for Researchers.

4) This course has 4 modules and 4 quizzes. Take them all to complete the course.

Here is what a student did to find the specific Citi training course

  1. Click “View Courses”
  2. At the bottom click “add a course”
  3. For “Do you need to take IRB/Human Subjects Research training?” – Click Yes - even if you already took this course
  4. For “Have you already taken the basic training and need a refresher?” – Click No. Even if you have already taken the basic training, you need to click No in order for the full list of courses to appear in the next question.
  5. Answer the remaining questions to finish adding the course. - I answered these as no and was able to see the privacy module by the end
  6. I added "Information privacy and security"
  7. When I finished that and refreshed go to "my courses" - it showed two new courses
    1. Information Privacy Security for Clinicians
    2. Information Privacy Security for Researchers

I just deleted the module for clinicians and was able to complete the module for researchers

5) Please print out the course completion certificate as a pdf file and email it to ResearchData@sentara.com (referencing your research project uploaded into Sentara’s Research Request Portal: www.sentara.com/Researchrequest).

If there are other EVMS students on the project with you, they also need to complete these two documentations.