The EVMS Research Society is an expanding network of research-focused resources with the target of connecting interested medical students with research opportunities.

It aims to bridge the gap between students who may or may not know how to design a research proposal, discover funding for personal projects, showcase research results and network with mentors in research.


  • Director of Internal Affairs: Neha Gupta, MD 2025
  • Director of Logistical Affairs: Danielle Long, MD 2025
  • Director of External Affairs: Oren Shechter, MD 2025
  • Faculty AdvisorDavid Mu, PhD


ERS works to regularly schedule workshops with researchers at EVMS and other institutions and organizations. 

Upcoming workshops


Past workshops

1/13/2021 Harry J. Tillman, PhD, Assistant Dean, Institutional Review Board and Human Subjects Protection "The IRB Process"
2/8/2021 Darryl Boyd, PhD, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory "Keys to an Effective Presentation"
3/2/2021 Aurora Fe E. Kerscher, PhD, Associate Professor, EVMS Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology "How to (Quickly Get this Gist of, and then) Read a Research Article"
3/24/2021 Brynn E. Sheehan, PhD, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, and Ismail El Moudden, DSc, Instructor, EVMS-Sentara Healthcare Analytics and Delivery Science Institute (HADSI)

"Access to Databases and HADSI’s Roles in Student Research"

5/3/2021 Dr. Jose Morey and Dr. Tayab Waseem

"Pie and AI: Newport News-Artificial Intelligence and Medicine Panel"

8/12/2021 Dr. Parr

"Pie and AI: AI and Dermatology"

9/15/2021 Student Panelists-Current M2 Students

"Sharing Experiences and Finding Research Opportunities"

10/6/21 Dr. Angela Toepp and Dr. Joshua Edwards

"Student Research Using Data More Readily Available"

10/14/21 Dr. John Brush, EVMS Internal Medicine

"Compliance/Human Subject Research from Sentara's POV"

11/11/21 Veronica Gray and Vanessa Ramos, MD students

"Extended Leave from EVMS to Engage in Research-Journeys of Two EVMS Medical Students”

2/1/22 Michael Bittner and Ismail El Moudden, EVMS HADSI


3/3/22 Brian Main, EVMS Office of Research


4/29/22 Dr. Aurora Kerscher, Associate Professor, EVMS Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology

"Dissecting a Research Paper"


Contact us if you have any questions about the EVMS Research Society or want learn how to get involved.