Psychophysiologic Evaluation and Treatment Laboratory - Research Services

Dr. Neumann’s research programs aim to study both molecular genetic and environmental influences on personality, cognitive abilities and lifestyle-related risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Most recently, Dr. Neumann’s research focuses on neurobiologic mechanisms that may account for the association between negative affectivity, depression and coronary artery disease.

Other ongoing research projects involve investigating genetic variation that may link personality traits, psychiatric illness and psychological distress and concomitant physiological reactions to increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Neumann's research has been supported by several research grants since July 2005, including a 5-year K01 grant from National Institutes of Health, a 1-year grant from Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute and two 1-year grants from the Norfolk Foundation amounting to about $700,000. Her local and national collaborators on these projects include Maria Urbano, MD, J.D. Ball, PhD, Michael Stutts, PhD, Michael Stacey, PhD, John Herre, MD, David Eich, MD, Aaron Vinik, MD, PhD, Stephen Manuck, PhD, Matthew Muldoon, MD, Robert Ferrell, PhD, Shari Waldstein, PhD, Leslie Katzel, MD, PhD, and many others.

Dr. Neumann also serves as a manuscript reviewer for many national and international journals in behavioral medicine and clinical psychology; she is a member of the EVMS Institutional Review Board and the chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences’ Research Advisory Committee.