Psychophysiologic Evaluation and Treatment Laboratory - Clinical Services

Dr. Neumann sees a wide variety of patients, mostly adults and older adults, for individual psychotherapy, couples therapy and diagnostic assessments. Cognitive behavioral therapy is provided for problems with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, hypertension, chronic pain, insomnia, bereavement, caregiver stress and adjustment to chronic medical issues such as diabetes, end-stage renal disease, congestive heart failure, coronary artery bypass graft surgery recovery and organ transplantation.

Stress management, relaxation training, emotion regulation and assertiveness skills are typically part of treatment. Biofeedback therapy and vagal stimulation techniques are also available through this lab. Ongoing consultation and clinical service are provided for Sentara Norfolk General Hospital’s Organ Transplantation Clinic and Heart Hospital as well as the Sleep Disorders Center at EVMS.

  • Dr. Neumann is the only practitioner at EVMS and one of the few in our community to offer innovative approaches in clinical practice such as biofeedback and vagal stimulation to lower blood pressure; to manage chronic pain, headaches and migraines; and to enhance blood flow to extremities.
  • Dr. Neumann’s consultation service to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital (SNGH) Organ Transplant Clinic provides guidance and evaluations regarding the psychosocial readiness and potential needs for organ transplant and donor candidates. Treatment is provided for patients having difficulty in adjusting to dialysis, decision-making with regard to organ transplantation, and waiting for an organ for transplantation.
  • Consultation and service is also provided to SNGH’s Heart Hospital on patients and their families having difficulty in coping with congestive heart failure, heart transplantation and recovery from cardiac surgery.
  • Dr. Neumann consults with the EVMS Sleep Disorders Center directed by Dr. Catesby Ware, as well as with practitioners from the Tidewater community, on difficult-to-treat insomnia cases that are often associated with psychiatric conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders and chronic pain disorder. Dr. Neumann evaluates and treats many patients with chronic insomnia issues associated with psychiatric illness, using a multi-method approach guided by Dr. Morin’s empirically supported system, which blends cognitive and behavioral approaches to treat this condition.

Dr. Neumann welcomes referrals from primary-care physicians, cardiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals, as well as direct contact from patients and their families. Call 446-5888 to talk to a staff member and/or make an appointment.