Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH)

The Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH) aims to bring community organizations together to positively impact policies, systems and environments that affect the health of children and their families in Hampton Roads. With EVMS serving as its lead agency, CINCH uses research and data to drive its initiatives, which include education, training, advocacy and working with partners to improve its programs and services. Currently, projects are focused on issues affecting access to care, respiratory health and obesity.

Ensuring that children have access to quality healthcare is a core priority of CINCH. The program has been instrumental in enrolling thousands of children into state insurance programs such as Family Access to Medical Insurance Security.

The group has also educated the community on how health disparities impact healthcare access for minority populations and has worked with families and providers to identify and address barriers preventing children from receiving care.

In 2001, CINCH began working on respiratory health with the Robert Wood Johnson funded project Allies Against Asthma. This project included asthma education for affected children; training for healthcare providers; and home visiting programs to improve asthma management.

CINCH also developed a comprehensive Asthma Action Plan that was adopted by the Virginia Department of Education to help schools improve child asthma management. CINCH continually works to educate parents, those who work with children and others by providing educational programs and resources.

CINCH is also committed to reducing and preventing childhood obesity through education and policy change promotion. Through its Obesity Workgroup, CINCH has developed and implemented several obesity initiatives, including a series of childhood obesity summits for Hampton Roads from 2004 to 2006, partnering with WHRO to produce the documentary, Surviving Abundance: Overweight Kids in Crisis, and developing educational tools and resource kits for schools, PTAs, and community-based organizations that serve children and families.

Since 2002, CINCH has received over $18 million in grants from NIH, CDC, NSF, HUD and the March of Dimes (MOD).

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