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Medical Modeling & Simulation Database

Medical Modeling & Simulation Database

The Medical Modeling and Simulation Database (MMSD) is a searchable collection of research citations and organizational presence in the medical modeling and simulation domain. It is intended to raise awareness of the magnitude and breadth of activity in this field and to encourage continued research and collaboration within the simulation community. The MMSD is updated quarterly to provide the most current research articles and publications available.

The MMSD also includes the following resources:

  • Companies and products in the MMS industry, e.g. developers, device manufacturers, training organizations, and consultants. 
  • Medically focused centers for simulation worldwide. 
  • Websites targeting activities of interest to the MMS community. 
  • MMS domain conferences worldwide and up-to-date meeting information. 

The MMSD was developed by the National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation (NCCMMS) at Eastern Virginia Medical School in cooperation with the American College of is the premier gateway to a broad array of resources and services in the medical modeling and simulation domain. Email or visit for more information.