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Flow Cytometry Core

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The EVMS Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides access to flow cytometry instrumentation and expertise to support research at EVMS and the research community of Hampton Roads, including Old Dominion University, Hampton University and the American Red Cross.  Flow Cytometry is a technique for measurement of individual cells in a stream of fluid (“HPLC for cells”).  Applications include but are not limited to: cell phenotyping, cell cycle analysis, cell signaling, protein modification, etc.  Two instruments are available in the facility: a Cytek-upgraded FACSCalibur and a SONY iCyt Reflection.  A detailed listing of the instruments available in the Flow Core can be accessed by clicking the Shared Resources link. Please inquire with the facility staff for a complete Fee Schedule.  Users are required to reserve a time on a sign-up sheet posted outside the Flow Facility.

Director: Woong-Ki Kim, Ph.D., E-mail:

Facility Location: Lewis Hall 3052

Contact: Adam Filipowicz, Flow Cytometry Operator:



  • The upgraded FACSCalibur is a 3-laser analyzer, capable of multicolor analysis of up to 8 colors, and is used for flow cytometric analysis of cells.  Investigators may use the FACSCalibur on their own after training and certification by the facility staff.  Services provided by the FACSCalibur include Unassisted Acquisition (available only after training), Assisted Acquisition, FlowJo Data Re-Analysis, and Assisted FlowJo Data Re-Analysis.  The Fee Schedule is based on one’s status (Contributor, Non-Contributor, and Non-EVMS user).  Please inquire with the facility staff for a complete Fee Schedule:

  • The Reflection is a state-of-the art, high-speed cell sorter. While capable of multicolor analysis of up to 10 colors with 3 lasers, the Reflection can perform 2- and 4-way bulk sorting of cells of interest.  It is housed in a class II biosafety cabinet that flow cytometry sorting can be done on infectious material (class I/II).  The Reflection is operated only by the Flow Cytometry Core Facility staff on a fee-for-service basis.  Please inquire with the facility staff for a complete Fee Schedule:

  • The Bio-Plex MAGPIX Multiplex Reader powered by Luminex xMAP technology is a robust fluorescent detection system for medium-throughput, magnetic bead-based multiplex immunoassays.  Traditional singleplex protein detection methods such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) have been used sequentially in order to detect and analyze multiple proteins.  These singleplex assays can be time-consuming and costly when used to measure numerous markers per sample.  In addition, they would require large sample volumes.  Luminex xMAP technology enables scientists to measure multiple proteins in a single reaction.  This instrument provides a platform for simple, cost-effective multiplexing of up to 50 immunoassays, with reproducibility similar to that of ELISA.  Please inquire with the facility staff for a complete Fee Schedule:





Dr. Kim is available for consultation by appointment.  Please email him at to arrange a meeting.

Classes & Training

Classes and Training sessions are scheduled at various times during the year and will be posted here as they are scheduled.  Please note, all users have to be trained or certified by the Flow Facility staff.  All users must prepare their own samples; however, the staff is available to provide technical support in designing experiments, preparing samples, and setting up the instrument.



If the Flow Cytometry Core Facility was utilized for generating data for publication, please acknowledge the facility within your manuscript, where appropriate.