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How It Works

How It Works

Our goal is to provide outstanding service that is easy to set-up and customizable to best suit the requirements of each individual project, all at a competitive rate.

The first step is to request a quote. Provide as much detail as possible in the submission form. Upon submission of the request, a reference number will be established.

We usually get back to you within 24hours of your submission time. 

A complimentary consultation is included in the services we provide and will be scheduled when your baseline quote is generated. The baseline quote will be generated based on the “Request a Quote Form” information and what is determined in the consultation to be the course of action will be added to the quote.

The quote can be adjusted at any time based on additional service requests added by the user. Evolutions of the quote will be available to you via email with detailed breakdowns for the cost; however our aim is to create a comprehensive plan at the consultation to minimize on changes to the burden of cost.

Once the project is underway, users will be updated of the progress and timelines regarding their results.

Once a bill is created, we offer an easy to use  payment form for submitting a PO # or credit card for users outside of the EVMS network. And online IDT forms for EVMS users.

Once a receipt of payment is received a report of the results, a basic methodologies write up for use in publications and any figures or tables will be accessible.

Please Contact Us or submit a Quote Request; we look forward to partnering with you.

To justify the investment by EVMS, you must agree to acknowledge the contribution of the individuals providing assistance as well as the EVMS Bioinformatics Analytics Core in any Abstracts, Presentations and Publications, in whole or in part, arising from the services provided. We also request a copy of the manuscript(s) be sent to us upon publication. Such references will be added to our Resources page.

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