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Request Services

Datasets are increasingly large, complex and require specialized skill sets and tools to navigate effectively. Our analytical expertise and design spans a wide range of topics as presented on our Analyses Available page.  Here you can estimate cost for custom or package services and request a more detailed quote. We look forward to working with you on your current or upcoming project.

Rate Estimator

You can estimate your rate for services you are interested in by selecting the number of data sets and type of rate. The estimated total will appear at the bottom for all service selected.

Please download the Excel version of the BAC Price Estimator Tool to evaluate the cost of the project you are considering.

When your project is ready, please use the Bioinformatics Request A Quote and send email to the Bioinformatics Core or reach us through Contact Us. If you have questions, communicate via email, for which you can expect a 24 hour response time.


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