EVMS Bioinformatics Analytics Core

‌The Bioinformatics Analytics Core is a facility that utilizes and develops cutting edge techniques for the purpose of analyzing big or small data sets for EVMS researchers, their collaborators and the biotech industry.

The use of bioinformatics techniques has become a popular, reliable and unbiased way to generate large data sets as sequencing has become the read out of choice for many cutting edge assays. However the data generated from these assays are complex, sizable and requires expertise to navigate and create usable results.

At the EVMS Bioinformatics Analytics Core we let the data speak for itself in guiding the creation of custom portfolios to provide succinct translatable results.


Available Analyses

Creatively analyzing diverse data sets using basic and complex principles of bioinformatics.


Request Service

Professionally, efficiently, and unbiasedly processing large or small data sets within a responsible budget to produce clear and concise results.



Helping researchers, students, and collaborators design intricate experiments that meet specific analytical goals.


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