Available Analyses

Bioinformatics analysis employs a wide range of computer-based tools and skills to produce detailed, accurate and unbiased results from the collected data. The in-silico tools and skills that we can use to evaluate all aspects of a study, from initial design to finished publication quality material by working with each investigator and generating an approach suited to the specific data are listed below.


Gene Expression Analysis

Affymetrix and custom gene array analysis for data quality and basic evaluation. (Learn More)

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

Affymetrix® gene array data (anchored and explorative). (Learn More)
PCR-based (SABioscience® PCR) array data. (Learn More)
Selected custom expression data evaluation. (Learn More)
Protein expression data. (Learn More)
Single-cell RNAseq data analysis. (Learn More)
microRNA expression data. (Learn More)
Long non-coding RNA data. (Learn More)
Explorative evaluation of IPA curated information within any experimental system. (Learn More)

siRNA Design & miR Discovery

siRNA design and data evaluation. (Learn More)
In vivo siRNA experimental design and implementation. (Learn More)
microRNA PCR design and verification. (Learn More)

PCR Optimization & Evaluation

PCR robustness development and optimization using orthogonal array statistics. (Learn More)
Quantitative probe (TaqMan®) PCR design. (Learn More)

Genetic and Pathogen Analysis

16S RNA microbiome evaluation by proprietary algorithms. (Learn More)
Temporal pathogenesis interpretation and analysis. (Learn More)
QTL evaluation of observed phenotypes. (Learn More)
Speed-congenic design and guidance. (Learn More)

Sequence Analysis

Primary and secondary DNA and RNA sequence analysis. (Learn More)

Other Analyses & Services

Will provide information on available drugs and targets in the context of model building. (Learn More)

Flowcytometric analysis of tagged pathogen gene expression in vivo. (Learn More)

Generation of custom designed, publication quality figures. (Learn More)

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