SHARP History

  1. 6/9/2014
    Dr. Johan Skog
    Exosomes, New Players in Intercellular Communication and Biomarkers for Disease
    Exosome Diagnostics

  2. 9/8/2014
    Dr. Anindya Dutta
    Short and Long Noncoding RNAs in Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
    University of Virginia

  3. 11/20/2014
    Dr. Karen Julie Gehl
    Drug and Gene Delivery Using Electroporation; Scientific Background and Clinical Experience
    Copenhagen University Hospital, Herlev, Denmark

  4. 3/20/2015
    Dr. Chad Brenner
    Precision Medicine for Genetically Complex Tumors: Rationale for Personalized Combinations in HNSCC
    University of Michigan

  5. 9/14/2015
    Dr. Tom Loughran
    Pathogenesis of LGL Leukemia
    University of Virginia

  6. 9/21/2015
    Dr. Dean Troyer
    Metabolomics and Histology on the Same Tissue Specimen
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

  7. 3/28/2016
    Dr. Pawel Ambrozewicz
    Introducing Relative Biological Effectiveness in Eclipse Proton Treatment Planning
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

  8. 5/2/2016
    Dr. Stephen Gould
    Exosome Biogenesis: Models, Predictions, and Tests
    Johns Hopkins University

  9. 7/11/2016
    Dr. Woong-Ki Kim
    Targeting Macrophages as a Therapeutic Approach to HIV Infection and Disease
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

  10. 9/12/2016
    Dr. Vivek Mittal
    Insights into breast cancer metastasis- Biological implications and therapeutic opportunities
    Weill Cornell Medical College

  11. 10/31/2016
    Dr. Richard Hoefer
    The Sentara Cancer Network Pancreatic Consortium: Review of 7 Years of Surgical Outcomes and the Contribution of Multidisciplinary Care
    Sentara Medical Group

  12. 4/24/2017
    Dr. Eric Feliberti
    What's a Heffalump? A Surgical Scientist in Research
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

  13. 5/24/2017
    Dr. Charles Chalfant
    Cancer, RNA Splicing and Lipids
    Virginia Commonwealth University

  14. 9/18/2017
    Dr. Frank Slack
    MicroRNA‚Äźbased therapeutics in cancer
    Harvard Medical School

  15. 03/05/2018
    Dr. Alissa Weaver
    Function and Regulation of Secreted Cancer Exosomes
    Vanderbilt University

  16. 04/30/2018
    Dr. Richard Drake
    Tissue Glycomics and Glycosylation Biomarkers of Disease:  New Mass Spectrometry Approaches for Making Glycomics More Accessible
    Medical University of South Carolina