Strelitz Diabetes Research

The EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center (SDC) is comprised of a renowned team of endocrinology experts – clinical providers, scientists and educators – working to find the cure for diabetes and to prevent the debilitating complications of neuropathy and cardiovascular disease.

Through the integration of basic science and clinical research, the Strelitz Diabetes Center has conducted numerous clinical trials designed to develop possible new treatments for diabetes and diabetic complications. The SDC also conducts a variety of investigator-initiated research studies to explore better management strategies and reduce diabetic complications. 

Summary of Major Research Themes at the SDC:

  • Developing new treatments for diabetes;
  • Developing ways to stop damage and even safely regenerate new insulin producing cells;
  • Determining the role of obesity and “Belly Fat” in leading to development of diabetes:  Identifying new targets for treatment;
  • Understanding the correlations between diabetes and heart disease;
  • Reversing nerve complications of diabetes and improving quality of life;
  • Identifying new “Biomarkers” for Type 1 diabetes:  Does a virus trigger developing Type 1 diabetes?
  • Clinical Trials with new drugs and devices.