Improving Survival in the Western Tidewater Area

EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center is conducting free diabetes screenings and telephonic educational sessions in the Western Tidewater area.

  • If you live in the Western Tidewater area and are pre-diabetic or diabetic you may qualify for free educational phone calls from our Certified Diabetes Educator.
    • Educational sessions may improve your diabetes self-management through goal making and lifestyle changes.
  • If you are a health care provider in the Western Tidewater area and are interested in EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center conducting a free diabetes screening at your facility.
    • Screening includes:
      • Blood Pressure
      • Hemoglobin A1c Testing
      • Cholesterol Testing
      • Blood Sugar Testing
  • If you are interested in attending an upcoming free diabetes screening in the Western Tidewater area

Please contact Samantha Hines, M.S. Ed or 757.446.8485