The President’s 2016 Faculty and Staff Recognition awards results are in. Congratulations to this year’s honorees listed below.

Honorees for this year’s 2016 Staff Recognition Awards are: 

  • Angela D. Rich, Staff Award for Rising Star
  • Laura A. Thomas, Staff Award for Rising Star
  • Therese Raunswinter, Staff Philanthropy Champion Award
  • John Munley, Staff Award for Community Service
  • Latoya T. Morris, Staff Award for Mentoring
  • Aimee B. Bader, Staff Award for Excellence
  • Allison G. Gray, Staff Award for Excellence
  • Aileen M. Shafer, Staff Award for Excellence
  • Helen Heselius, Staff Award for Outstanding Achievement

Honorees for the 2016 Faculty Recognition Awards are:

  • Jody P. Boggs, MD, Faculty Award for Rising Star
  • Tina D. Cunningham, PhD, Faculty Award for Rising Star
  • David C. Lieb, MD, Faculty Philanthropy Champion Award
  • Margarita deVeciana, MD, Faculty Award for Community Service
  • Paul E. Marik, MD, Faculty Award for Mentoring
  • Marissa C. Galicia-Castillo, MD, Faculty Award for Excellence
  • Woong-Ki Kim, PhD, Faculty Award for Excellence
  • Agatha C. Parks-Savage, EdD, Faculty Award for Excellence
  • Francis L. Counselman, MD, Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievement


Check out photos of the event and read the list of employees who reached milestone years of service this year.