Sim Ops 2019

Dozens of people in a classroom were feverishly taking notes as slides filled the screen. They didn’t want to miss a single thing, especially when it came to one particular topic:  how to make your own pus.

The somewhat gruesome subject was just one of many workshops at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) conference hosted by EVMS July 17-19.

More than two hundred attendees from seven countries spent their time sharing ideas and learning about high tech tools to help future physicians and health professionals be better prepared to treat patients.

“They run, manage and build simulation that is specific to health-care education,” explained Bob Armstrong, Executive Director of the EVMS Sentara Center for Simulation and Immersive Learning and president-elect of SSH, a non-profit membership organization committed to furthering and supporting the science of health care simulation. “They are going to bring what they learned here back to their facilities and that’s going to help make people better doctors and develop mastery skill opportunities.” 

Another popular topic for attendees was moulage. “It uses makeup and effects to simulate reality, so making things with silicone could be using makeup to put things on faces, making rashes, making all sorts of things.” said Joseph Waterson from the University of Kansas.

The SSH event also provided tips on how to make cutting edge training videos and how to save money on supplies by creating things like IV plugs and homemade pus.