smartphone showing unknown caller

EVMS Risk Management and EVMS Medical Group Administration are aware of a new phone scam in the Hampton Roads area that targets medical providers.

Through this scheme, scammers, posing as law enforcement officials, falsely claim the provider failed to appear in court for cases involving a patient. The calls originate from the 757 area code, with Norfolk Police Department (NPD) appearing on caller ID. In at least one instance, the caller identified himself with the name of an actual NPD officer.

Scammers often use intimidation and threats to demand personal information —medical/professional licenses, personal finance and credit card data, driver’s license or Social Security numbers and more — to steal the targeted person’s identity, money or both.
It’s important to note that subpoena-related law enforcement claims originate from an attorney, not law enforcement. 

Other red flags related to this scam:

  • The caller refuses to provide the patient’s identity and claims the provider cannot seek legal counsel.
  • The caller requests money, wire/funds transfers, the purchase of bitcoins or gift cards.
  • The caller will not share information that would allow the medical provider to verify the authenticity of the call, e.g. names and phone numbers.

Identity theft scams are common; it is easy to become a victim. If you receive a suspicious call, hang up. Report fraudulent calls regarding a failure to appear in court to EVMS Risk Management, 757.446.6009 or 757.446.6005. If a caller identifies as an NPD representative, contact the NPD Detective Division at 757.664.3277. 

Remember, EVMS and EVMS Medical Group have procedures for service of legitimate subpoenas related to EVMS faculty, residents/fellows or staff. If you have questions or concerns, call 757.446.6009 or 757.446.6005.