Mom working in a pandemic

The pandemic has not affected men and women equally, with more women taking on caretaking roles and dropping out of the workforce compared to men. Experts are now warning of a "she-cession."

Jane Glasgow, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Director of EVMS Minus 9 to 5, recently shared with WAVY-10 how important childcare availability is to a woman’s ability to return to the workforce, and the role EVMS is playing in making services more accessible in Hampton Roads.

“Sixty-seven percent of parents in Virginia say that a lack of access to childcare from the pandemic has negatively affected their ability or someone else’s ability to get to work,” says Dr. Glasgow, citing information from the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation.

Dr. Glasgow also pointed to specific EVMS initiatives aimed at providing solutions, including Minus 9 to 5, a network of providers, hospitals, clinics and advocates committed to expanding care and services to families in need, from the time a mother finds out she is pregnant through the child’s fifth birthday.

 “One of the things that Minus 9 to 5 is working on with the 757 recovery plan and team is to help businesses understand ways that they can support families. What are some family-friendly business practices they can implement?” Glasgow said.

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