A new book by an EVMS faculty member, The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery, Volume 1: Patient Selection, is garnering good reviews from her peers. 

Constance Okeke, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, is a Glaucoma and Cataract Specialist at Virginia Eye Consultants. A Yale graduate, Dr. Okeke has more than two decades of glaucoma experience.

While there are various options for glaucoma patients, Dr. Okeke most often selects Trabectome as her surgery of choice.

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, Trabectome surgery is a micro-incision glaucoma surgery (MIGS) to lower eye pressure. It is usually effective, has a good safety profile and is often combined with cataract removal to lower eye pressure.

“When I started Trabectome,” Dr. Okeke says, “I sought it out because I wanted to provide an answer, an answer to the problem of finding another option that was less invasive and effective for my patients. And that’s what I found.”

Her book uses an easy-to-follow format that allows both beginning to seasoned Trabectome surgeons, as well as followers of other MIGS surgeries, to learn effortlessly — including optometrists interested in fully understanding the micro-incision surgical options and its applicability to their glaucoma patients.

Colleagues say the book is a valuable resource. “Dr. Okeke has written an extremely useful book, not only for surgeons using Trabectome, but for all MIGS surgeons,” says Steven Sarkisian, Jr., MD, Clinical Professor at the Dean McGee Eye Institute at the University of Oklahoma. “Her writing is approachable, honest, and thorough. This book will be a valuable tool for years to come.”

For more information about Dr. Okeke and The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery, Volume 1: Patient Selection, visit www.DrConstanceOkeke.com.