Four Halloween Hazards

‌While Halloween costumes are fun, they can cause problems for your child’s skin. Here are a few things to think about before getting dressed up.

Acne breakouts

Face paint is a popular part of Halloween costumes, but using the wrong kind can irritate acne. Remember, non-toxic does not mean safe for your skin. Using regular craft paint could cause an allergic reaction or aggravate skin. If the skin is broken, it could also cause an infection.  

Also, make sure your children wash their face as soon as they’re done going door to door. Leaving paint on for too long can clog pores.

Certain masks can also inflame breakouts. If the mask is too tight or made of a waterproof material, it could cause your child to sweat and irritate acne.


Accessories used for many common Halloween costumes also may cause reactions. Crowns, magic wands and faux jewelry that use certain metals may cause rashes and irritation. Beware of nickel and cobalt, the most common triggers for contact dermatitis.


While those sparkly red heels or rubber zombie feet may be the perfect complement to a costume, make sure to choose the most comfortable pair of shoes for the long night ahead. Whether it’s pounding the trick-or-treat pavement or doing the monster mash, the wrong shoes can cause serious blisters that can be uncomfortable or lead to infection. It’s always a good idea to do a practice run around the house for a few hours before the big night.

Hair Damage

Some hair dyes can be scary for your scalp. Even the temporary versions can contain dangerous chemicals, which cause itching and irritation. They can also contain alcohol, which can seriously dry out your hair. The spray-in versions can also be inhaled and could cause problems for your lungs. Using non-toxic chalk is a much safer alternative.

No matter what your little ones decide to be, remember these guidelines — and have a safe and happy Halloween.