Leadership comes naturally to Amanda Miller, MPA Class of 2018. That’s why it’s no surprise she was chosen as the first woman to lead the EVMS Student Government Association. She’s also the first Health Professions student to take on the role.

“It’s an honor to serve as both class president and student body president,” Ms. Miller says. “I care deeply about the EVMS student-body and hope that each person knows the entire SGA values their opinions, respects their thoughts and hears their voice.” 

Before coming to EVMS, she was an NCAA athlete and Miss America contestant. She says those challenges helped prepare her for these new responsibilities, as well as the ones she will likely face as a physician assistant. She hopes to specialize in surgery or OB-GYN. 

While medicine is her focus right now, when asked what the future might bring, Ms. Miller says politics isn’t out of the question. “Who knows, maybe I’ll follow the footsteps of Dr. Ralph Northam (an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics who earned his EVMS degree in 1984) and run for governor.”