Thirteen current and former EVMS faculty and students have collaborated on a book focusing on how sleep impacts our health.

David Johnson, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine and Chief of Gastroenterology; and Catesby Ware, PhD, the John and Lillian Norfleet Professor in Internal Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Chief of Sleep Medicine, were two of three editors for the book, entitled “Sleep Effect on Gastrointestinal Health and Disease: Translational Opportunities for Promoting Health and Optimizing Disease Management.” The Associate Editors also have an EVMS connection. They are Parth Parekh, MD (Internal Medicine Residency ’14), and Edward Ed Oldfield IV, MD (Biomedical Sciences ’11, MD ’15) Internal Medicine Resident.

More than one in three Americans experiences chronic sleep disturbances, which can contribute to a range of health problems.

“Chronic sleep deprivation is an epidemic that can have cumulative neurocognitive effects and exacerbate a broad array of common chronic diseases including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and  coronary disease,” they write in the introduction to the book. “The effect on gastrointestinal health and disease is profound, albeit typically not recognized or addressed by clinicians.”

EVMS contributors to the new book, in addition to the editors and associate editors, include: Ross Buerlein, MD (MD ’13); Jennifer Copare, MD, Internal Medicine Resident; Maurice S. Marcuard, MD, Internal Medicine Resident; Skye Ochsner Margolies, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Mit Patel, MD, Internal Medicine Resident; Vishant Ramadorai, MD, former resident; Larry D. Sanford, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Anatomy; John Schwartz (Clinical Psychology, PhD); and Joshua Sill, MD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine.