Lee Ouyang, MD Class of 2017, is known for his strong leadership on the EVMS campus. Now he is being recognized on the national level.

In June, Mr. Ouyang was elected as Vice Chair of the American Medical Association’s Medical Student Section.

In the role of Vice Chair, he will manage the work of 13 national standing committees composed of students from across the country. They work on issues from public health and policy advocacy, to health information technology and bioethics.

“Mr. Ouyang has proven to be a natural leader among his peers here at EVMS,” says Ann Campbell, PhD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Professor of Microbiology & Molecular Cell Biology. “His organizational and communication skills make him a natural fit for the position.” 

Over the past three years, Mr. Ouyang has served on several leadership committees. He was elected Vice President of the EVMS AMA chapter during his MS-2 year, and selected for a coveted position on the Board of Directors of the student-run HOPES Clinic during his MS-3 year. He also rose to the position of Chair of the EVMS Honor Council, and the Student Government Association selected him to be the student representative to the Research Subcommittee of the EVMS Strategic Planning Committee.

Mr. Ouyang says his time at EVMS has helped prepare him for this role and for the future. “The professors, mentors and peers that I have worked with have helped me develop the skills and leadership to achieve this position,” he says. “I believe these experiences are going to help me balance the demands of being a doctor in the future.”

Mr. Ouyang is set to graduate this spring and plans to specialize in OB/GYN.