Justyna Malik is a non-traditional student who lives nearly 3,000 miles from EVMS with her husband, Mohammad, and their three children. But neither distance nor family obligations can prevent her from pursuing an EVMS education. 

After immigrating to the United States from Poland at age 19, Ms. Malik earned her undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Illinois. When she and her husband became parents, she postponed her dream of graduate school. 

Now raising three sons in Washington state, Ms. Malik has revived her dream. She’s pursuing her master’s degree in Reproductive Clinical Science through EVMS Online

“I was always fascinated by the field of infertility,” Ms. Malik says, “so I chose EVMS for its outstanding contribution to the field of reproductive medicine. It was also the first institution in the United States to offer an online-based two-year master’s program in Reproductive Clinical Science. This program is perfect for a busy parent like me who has worked in the field of reproductive medicine and dreams of advancing their education and career.” 

The main advantage of distance education, she says, is the flexibility of studying and working at her own pace. “For my family during this pandemic, I can homeschool my older boys and take care of my youngest son, all while being a graduate student.” Through EVMS Online, Ms. Malik says she can stay organized, plan her own school time each day and focus on her family. 

“Going back to graduate school and getting that graduate degree is an investment in my personal growth,” Ms. Malik says. “It will allow me to qualify for new opportunities in the field of reproductive medicine, including a new job as an embryologist, or even advance my education further through additional master’s degrees or a PhD.” 

Pictured above: The Malik family, from left: Ismael, age 6; Mohammad; Yusuf, age 10 months; Justyna; and Ibrahim, age 9.

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