In the wake of George Floyd’s death and other similar racially charged tragedies, EVMS has created a virtual Unity and Solidarity Message Board as a visible demonstration of support to all people of color — students, residents, faculty, staff and members of the community.

While this is a meaningful symbol of the campus’ collective grief and outrage, EVMS leaders also remain focused on taking concrete action to eliminate racism on campus and in the community. For more details, read the June 1 statement from EVMS President and Provost Richard V. Homan, MD.

Everyone in the EVMS community is encouraged to post a message of support on the Unity and Solidarity Message Board. Here are four messages recently posted: 

“I stand with my friends, neighbors, classmates, mentors, colleagues, future patients and community,” wrote EVMS student Jennifer Tich, MD Class of 2021. “I will continue to listen, learn and always strive to be a better advocate for those whose voices desperately need to be heard. Black Lives so much more than Matter!”

“As a Black man and incoming resident at EVMS,” wrote EVMS Urology resident Timothy King, MD, “I appreciate this gesture and the response from EVMS to the racial injustice faced by Black people in America. I want to take this time to remember that the fight against racial injustice is a long and difficult task, and we all must be actively fighting racism every day and anytime we come across it. It is no longer enough to be against racism. We must be anti-racist in everything we do as individuals, as an institution, as a community and as a country.”

“As a black female employee,” wrote EVMS staff member Malissa Edwards, “I would like to say thank you. Although the journey has not been easy for people of color, particularly black Americans, the response from the EVMS community and the world at large makes my heart smile. Hope does not disappoint and this is a sign of progress. I am very proud of our leaders and campus organizations who were quick to respond with powerful statements of solidarity and who stand with right.”

“Standing in unison with BLM in sentiment and action,” wrote Craig Goodmurphy, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Anatomy. “Injustice is a wall that must be dismantled, but it can only be done together. Let’s pledge to do the work and let our action speak our truth.”

As Dr. Homan has noted, EVMS can be a catalyst for change and healing. Collectively, the EVMS community can make the critical, systemic changes necessary to help eliminate racism.