Shark Tank 2018

The winners have been announced for this year's Choosing Wisely Day competition. 

Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine that aims to empower patients to ask questions about their care and to encourage physicians to consider all of the data before ordering unnecessary tests. 

The virtual event began with a keynote discussion from Amit K. Pahwa, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Afterwards, students presented their research posters on topics related to high-value care and competed in an interactive competition-style innovation contest. 

2021 Choosing Wisely Day Winners:

Innovations Think Tank
1st place: Rohini Siva Srinivas and Vanessa Rave, MD Class of 2023, Improving electronic health records to identify victims of human trafficking
2nd place: Stefan Edemobi and Kayshaliya Sharma, MD Class of 2023, Simulation to improve medical student skills in addressing bias and microaggressions from peers, preceptors and patients

Original Research
1st place: Monica Ethirajan, MS, MPH: Developing a Psychomotor Skill Set in Undergraduate Medical Education Using Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration with Cadaver Thyroids.
Authors: Ethirajan; Alexon Munson-Catt MS; Jordan Goodmurphy; Felicia Toreno PhD; Craig W. Goodmurphy, PhD.
2nd Place:  Sarah Alnaif, BHSc: A Qualitative Look at the Intended and Unintended Consequences of the 2016 CDC Guideline on Opioid Prescribing. Authors: Alnaif; Tram Phung; Ying Li, MD; Qi Lin, MD; Hongyun Fu, PhD.

Literature Review Presentations
1st Place: Uzoma Ahiarakwe, The common misdiagnosis of PTSD as ODD and CD in inner city communities
2nd Place: Vanessa Rave, Yunjoo Hwang, Mayuri Kathrotia, Hajara Ouattara, Taylor Wallace,MD Class of 2023, How can Mothers and Baby Mermaids improve health outcomes for pregnant victims of intimate partner violence (IPV)?