students standing in two lines in front of stage

The newest members of the EVMS Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society were recently inducted.

AOA, founded in 1902, is the national medical honor society. Its mission is dedicated to the belief that in the profession of medicine we will improve care for all by recognizing high educational achievement; honoring gifted teaching; encouraging the development of leaders in academia and the community; supporting the ideals of humanism; and promoting service to others.

Junior AΩA:

Maxwell Grant

Perry Hammond

Lauren Keenan

Caroline Morgan

Aaron Snow

Jason Toy

Kevin Toy

Minh Tu Tran

Jennifer Wintringham


Senior AΩA:

Dana Baraki

Emily Breeding

Sarah Brewington

Renjie Chen

Rebecca Clawson

Daniel Connelly

Catherine Eccleston

Theodore Hagens

Jacob Hughes

Ciara Jenkins

Timothy Kearney

Broderick Koch

David Melton

Christopher Myers

Katherine Schaffer

Jennifer Smith

Christopher Stocki

Erica Talbot

Matthew Van de Graaf

Alexander Vo


Resident Inductees

Mutaz Alkalbani, MBBS

Charles Thomas Hehman, MD

Harrison Tyler Klause, MD

Fiora L. McRae, MD (MD '20)

Bijan Morshedi, MD

David Nate Pierce Jr., MD (MD '20)

Seth Warren, MD (MD '20)

Abigail S. Winz, MD (MD '19)


Faculty Inductees

Kathy Byun, MD

Michael Steven Layne, MD (Residency '12)

Juliana Gevaerd Martins, MD (Fellowship '20)

Robert James Smith, MD