AMSA Voter Registration

Join the EVMS chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and spread the word about #MedOutTheVote – a national, non-partisan voter registration campaign created by Vot-ER, committed to ensuring everyone has a chance to vote. 

“This initiative is extremely important to me as a future physician because health is impacted by many factors that go beyond just genes and medicine,” says Rohini Siva Srinivas, MD Class of 2023 and AMSA Co-President. “Voting gives everyone power and control over policies that can impact the health of many.”

Participants can check their voter registration by texting “VOTE EVMS” to 34444 or by visiting the Vot-ER website to sign up for a vote-from-home ballot.

“By texting or using the QR code, users will be directed to a webpage that will guide them through the steps of registering to vote and requesting a mail-in ballot,” says Madeleine Jacques, MD Class of 2023 and AMSA Vice President. “It is easy to follow and shouldn’t take much time.”

The Vot-ER campaign was founded by healthcare workers who envision a democracy that is more inclusive for all. It aims to meet voters where they are and to support them in becoming more civically engaged.

Student organizers want to encourage all healthcare providers to make the time to vote. “Policies can and do affect how we provide care to our patients,” says Vivian Burton, MD Class of 2023 and AMSA Community Engagement Coordinator. “If our voices are heard, the policy changes that result may better reflect improvements in access, cost and quality of care.”